Character Profile: Alexander Whitworth

Name: Alexander Whitworth

Age: 27

Occupation: Vigilante

Alexander Whitworth

From the people, for the people. Through a twist of fate, Alexander Whitworth has become Nova City's protector from the forces of evil which threaten to overrun its once peaceful streets. A former webpage designer and computer programmer, Alex was caught in the middle of a criminal rampage and framed for a series of crimes that he did not commit.

Now on the run, Alex continues his struggle to clear his name and set the wrongs right under the guise of the masked vigilante The Vindicator. Street-savvy and highly intelligent, Alex continues his fight, striking at his foes with more brains than brawn. Although he can be impatient and over-confident at times, and his impulsive actions often land him in trouble, Alex has a heart of gold and continues to put it, and his neck, on the line to defend Nova City and its citizens from the rising criminal elements that wish to conquer it.

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