Character Profile: Gyro

Name: Gyro

Age: 10

Occupation: Muscle


A clever and intelligent chimp working in the service of the Vanguard, Gyro is a valuable asset to their criminal conquests. His small size and acrobatic skills allow him the freedom to move about the city on the streets below or by scaling the rooftops above.

But once the adrenaline flow in his bloodstream reaches a critical level, this pint-sized primate becomes his ultra-strong, ill-tempered alter ego. In this form, Gyro is one of the group's most fearsome muscle men, capable of tremendous feats of strength. The cause of this amazing transformation is a well-guarded secret, but is of note that Gyro was once the lab assistant of Dr. Cornelius Craven, a brilliant M.D. sympathetic to the Vanguard cause.

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