Character Profile: Jordan Sesquire

Name: Jordan Sesquire

Age: 35

Occupation: Corrupt executive

Jordan Sesquire

The embodiment of the evil shadow that moves through the streets of Nova City, Jordan is both a respected businessman and The Vindicator's most dangerous adversary. As the head of Sesquire Media Enterprises, Jordan commands the communication group responsible for half of the radio and television stations in Nova City. As a member of Nova's criminal underworld, he is first lieutenant of the Vanguard crime syndicate, and right hand man to its leader, Calvin Drexel.

Jordan's greatest strength is his ambition and refusal to let anything stand in his way. This creates a lot of friction between himself and Drexel. As the top shot caller in Sesquire Media, Jordan finds it difficult to follow under someone else's command and desires to supplant the Vanguard kingpin, resulting in complete control of both sides of his empire. Still, Jordan is a notorious threat few would go against and the driving force behind the actions of Nova's new criminal wave.

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