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[Tyler] - October 25th, 2004 9:27 PM MDT

All Right!

It Works! GREAT! We are about to relaunch. Those who are still coming around, Thanks. We will be rolling along again soon.

[Tyler] - October 25th, 2004 9:16 PM MDT


Are we back up?

[Tyler] - September 17th, 2003 7:15 PM MDT

School and what little else.

I realize that updates have been few and far between since the beginning of September. The sole cause of this has been the new semester at school. I have a full load this term, plus the fact that I'm expecting to graduate in three semesters so I'm in a lot of high workload classes. Throw in homework, extra curricular activities plus a full schedule at work and that leaves little time right now for other things.

A comic page averages from start to finish around 5 to 7 hours of work. As much as I love to create the Nova Chronicles, I'm just not capable of giving it the time I'd like to each week. Does this mean I'm hanging it up? NO WAY! The fact is that I still have big big plans for the NC but right now it is just incapable of being a priority over getting a paper done or going to class or earning money to pay the mortgage.

So here's the deal. Bear with me for now, keep the NC bookmarked on your browser and check back from time to time and I'll get a page up whenever I can. I have several ideas for the site that can make it even more of a fun and interactive place to visit. Hopefully, Scott will have more free time then I so he can put those changes into effect.

I know after waiting so long that this is not the news you all wanted to hear but unfortunatly sometimes the work has to get done before we can have fun. I am very proud of what the Chronicles has become so far and look forward to it becoming even more in the future, but I would rather wait until I have the time and resources to do it right rather than do a poor job on it now just for the sake of updating in a regular scheduled manner.

Thanks for the support. I won't leave you hanging for long.

[Tyler] - September 7th, 2003 11:53 PM MDT


Calling all Chronicles readers and fellow artists. Something Scott and I have talked about for awhile is creating a fanart page for the site. I have received enough e-mail from readers to know there are a lot of talented people reading the NC to make this work, so here's the deal: I want submissions from readers. Anything NC related, the best ideas though would be your own artistic take on the characters or scenes from the story so far, or perhaps an action shot of a situation you might find one of the NC cast members in.

Submissions should be in jpeg form and kept to a reasonable file size to help out with bandwidth.

Colorists: I'd also love to see some color work too so feel free to snag your favorite page or one of the newly inked character bios and work some magic on it. After all, the upcoming comic book projet might need a color artist so here's a great way to showcase that talent.

Art can be sent to either me or Scott and once we get enough, we'll get them on the site. Hope to see some great stuff!

[Tyler] - September 4th, 2003 12:15 AM MDT

Keeping Pace

Regular readers might be worried as the rate of new pages has slipped the last couple of weeks. No, I am not slipping into old patterns again, It's just the start of another semester at school. Page production should start picking up again now that I'm all settled into the new routine. Thanks for waiting.

[Tyler] - August 29th, 2003 11:17 PM MDT

Thanks for the mail!

When I started the Nova Chronicles I strived to answer each and every piece of mail sent to me by readers for as long as possible, something I have kept up on so far. However lately my inbox is full of messages sent to me over the past several weeks that are still awaiting a reply.

If you have taken the time to e-mail me but have gotton no such correspondance in return, I will do my best to get back to you soon. Please except this humble "Thank You" for now. I really do love hearing from the fans.

Keep those letters coming.

[Tyler] - August 25th, 2003 4:17 PM MDT

Why Kurtz is a Pro.

I'm sure a good number of you know about Scott Kurtz's comic PVP ( I have been a regular reader for some time and have been impressed at the consistant quality of his work. He has a great philosophy concerning his creation and deserves the success he has built for himself and the strip. PVP is a prime reason why I got the Chronicles on the net in the first place.

The reason I'm bringing this up is due to the fact that I have never laughed so hard at his strip as I did this morning. He has a great timing and wit to his humor and it is a perfect gag for his Skull character. Even those who never read his stuff due to the often "inside" humor can get a kick out of this one. I remember trying this trick with a glass as a kid too. Although, fortunately, without this rather vivid end result. Thanks for the laugh, Scott.

[Tyler] - July 29th, 2003 3:07 PM MDT

Shirts! Calling for Feedback

I mentioned a few weeks back that with CafePress changing policies and the webcomic community running away from them in mass, that I would be looking for other options to get NC shirts made. I think I have found such an option. This new company will be able to produce some top quality shirts for the Nova Nation but there are a couple of issues that I didn't have to deal with before that have now come up.

The first one is that, unlike CafePress where I could have dozens of images, I need to focus on one or two designs for now due to start up costs.
The second issue is that I will have to pay printing costs for them in advance and out of pocket and will need to order a certain number of them at a time. The positive side to this is that the shirts are sold in bulk at reduced costs to me. Therefore I will be able to sell the shirts to you at a lower price than I ever would at CafePress. Somewhere around $15 to $18 I hope. This will allow me to pay back the printing cost and create a little extra funding to support the site and help pay the monthly costs to keep it running.

So here's how we get started: I feel the readership of the Chronicles has reached a point to support this project. Several of you have already written to me inquiring about supporting the NC thru this way and I thank you again.

What I need to do is get feedback from those interested in purchasing a shirt. Don't worry, this is not a preorder or a promise on your behalf to buy one, this is simply a show of hands of how many people I could reasonably expect to purchase one. Of course the more people I get interested, the more I'll need to order and in effect the lower cost to print them and lower price I'll be able to sell them for, so if you're interested please write.

So here's what I need. I want you to drop me a simple, brief e-mail with the subject marked "SHIRTS" saying if you're interested. Also, since I'm only able to do a few designs at first, tell me what you think a good first NC shirt design would consist of. After all, you'll be wearing them. What would you like on them? Action scene? NC logo? Character profile? If so, which Charater? Alex? Gyro? All in all, just your thoughts on what you think would make a great NC shirt.

I'm really excited about this project and hope to get it rolling along as soon as possible. I hope to hear from as many of you as possible very soon. Thanks for helping make the NC such a big success.

[Tyler] - July 22nd, 2003 1:36 AM MDT

A Piece at a Time

As part of an effort to get the site in top shape I have started with redoing the pics for the bio pages. Jordan was the first to get the treatment with the rest to soon follow suit. After posting it, Scott remarked how it looked out of place next to the old ones, he was right. I plan on having the others redone very soon as well along with the addition of other characters that need their own fact sheets, such as Ivan. In the meantime I invite those who have not read up on the cast to do so now and keep looking for more improvments to the site. Anyone who has other suggestions for making the site more user friendly are welcome to forward those ideas to Scott or myself.

[Tyler] - July 16th, 2003 11:51 PM MDT

Finding the Silver Lining

Well, today was not the best day I've had in a while. After breaking a bone in my left hand during a basketball game last week (I play to win, baby), I had surgery this morning to put the hand back together again. I've actually been in a cast all week but now this really sidelines me from a good amount of summer activities. Even this message is being typed with one hand. However, the good news is a full recovery of motion is expected within a month's time.

Also, since I am right handed, I am pleased to report that this small setback will in no way effect the production of the Nova Chronicles. In fact, drawing is really the only thing I seem to be able to do uneffected right now so I plan to use this time to kick everything into high gear with the NC. This includes more frequent updates, more work on secondary art for the site such as updating the character bio page, and I would like to begin going back and inking the old pages that were done in pencil back before I switched to ink. I hope to also get some work done on the first pages of the print comic as well.

So always remember that when life gives you lemonade, it's worth two in the bush... or something like that (I guess I'm still a little out of it from all the meds). Now I've got to get back to drawing.

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