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[Tyler] - July 12th, 2003 2:26 AM MDT

Digital Webbing

A change to the homepage: We now feature updates to the NC on Digital Webbing. For those not familiar with DW, it is a wonderful resource for the comic community. Due to the often random update schedule of the new pages, updates notices to the NC story line can now be found there. If you are even the most casual comic buff be sure to check out their site for more info than you 'll ever need about the comic industry.

Long time readers will also notice the removal of the NC recommended webcomics links. This change was made due to the fact that there are just too many fine artists and comics out on the web and playing favorites to a select few like this is cheating so many others out of their share of our support. The Chronicles gots nothin' but love for all its peers ;).

[Tyler] - July 8th, 2003 6:13 AM MDT

It's getting crowded in here.

A big Hello and welcome to all those joining us for the first time via our ad on ClanBob. Hope you like what you see here and stick around for the long haul. You can catch up in the archive and always feel free to drop me a line.
A big thanks also to the fine folks over at ClanBob for allowing the Nova Nation the chance to increase our readership numbers.

[Tyler] - June 25th, 2003 1:12 PM MDT

Thanks are highly in order.

A heart felt "Thank You" to all who stuck it out with me during the recent slowdown of new updates while I was getting settled into my new home. I have also been taking a summer class to get a jump on the fall semester and the comic has suffered in turn as the new pages have slowed to a trickle. I seem to be back up to full speed and will be updating more often. Also I am trying something new with the update bar where I am posting the progress of the next page vs. estimating when it will be done, hope this stays more accurate.

Also I know I have been promising Nova Chronicles T-shirts for a while now but the recent policy changes at CafePress seem to have the webcomic community running scared and the shirts are put on hold until we see what happens over there or another printing option comes available. If anyone knows of such a resource, let me know. After the ordeal with Napster a couple of years ago, several other types of programs popped up across the net and I'm hoping this chain of events will be repeated with CafePress should the whole thing get too out of hand.

[Tyler] - May 22nd, 2003 4:31 AM MDT

New Home!

Well tomorrow I'm closing on a new home. It's an exciting time and I'll be relocating through the weekend. As such, all things that come with moving such as downed Internet connections will be in effect for a few days. So right now I don't know when the next page will be able to post, but it will be as soon as possible. I'll drop a notice in the update bar as soon as I have a connection established in the new place.

[Tyler] - May 7th, 2003 4:41 AM MDT

K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Familiar with this acronym? I got reacquainted with it this week. The problem was I was trying to cram too much into the next few pages and not just progressing the main action. But the page is done and posted and I couldn't be more pleased as to how it turned out. Hope you like it too.

We are now at the climax of the DataTech raid. It's all a downward slide for poor Alex from here. Be sure to come back before the week's up for the evening's pivotal moment. Catch you then!

[Tyler] - April 30th, 2003 12:30 AM MDT

The boards are here!

The comic art boards arrived over the weekend from Blue Line Pro! The first issue of the Nova Chronicles print comic is almost underway. I'll keep everyone posted on its progress in the near future.

[Tyler] - April 25th, 2003 3:07 AM MDT

A wish of happiness to an old friend.

When Scott and I launched the NC back in July we made an agreement to not fill this newspost with non-NC related material. However, I am deviating from said rule to wish Scott a very Happy Birthday today. Scott is a very dear friend and an extremly talented web designer who, without which, this feature would simply not exist. Have a good one, buddy!

[Tyler] - April 14th, 2003 11:57 PM MDT

We Are On the Way!

Just letting everyone out there know that tonight I ordered some art boards from Blue Line Pro for the Nova Chronicles Comic Book Project. Long time readers have heard me talk in the past about my intent to get the NC published as a true comic book sometime in the near future. Well, now the first step is done. In case I haven't revealed such in the past, this will not be reprints of old content. The comic books will be original material that expands on the web chapters. Can't wait to get started on this project. The first issue's story is being finalized now and I hope to have most of it written by the time the boards arrive. Keep watching the Newspost section for future developments.

[Tyler] - March 25th, 2003 12:03 AM MST

Calling for feed back. (Again)

Hi. Thanks for overlooking the lateness of page 22 on Monday. I am usually a very healthy guy but got struck with all kinds of nasty flu stuff this weekend. Anyway, back in good form and back on track with the Chronicles.

Everytime I post something here about wanting your opinion, I always am pleased with the response I get, so I'm doing it again. This might be an odd one but I would like to know if anyone can comment on the pace of the story. What I mean by this is the speed as to how the story progresses along. Is it too slow? Just right? Not enough details included? When you see a new page up does it feel like after reading it that only a couple of moments have passed in the story line?
Anyone who has ever watched anime cartoons like Dragon Ball Z knows that it can sometimes take dozens of episodes before the outcome of a single battle is told. I view myself as somewhat of a perfectionist and as such tend to believe every detail in my head must be displayed on the page as well, much like a movie director has his heart ripped out by having parts of his masterpiece end up on the cutting room floor.

At any rate, if you have anything to say on this matter, please send it along to me. Thanks. See you Wednesday.

[Tyler] - March 13th, 2003 12:27 AM MST

Peers and Preferences

I have wondered for a while now about the additional habits of NC readers as far as the issue of web comics. Two things in general come to mind:

1. As a Nova Chronicles reader, what, if any, other web comics and print comic books do you read on a regular basis?

2. Do you or someone you know have a webcomic of your own creation? If so, I'd love to see your work.

Drop me a line with a list of your favorites or a link to your own comic. This would be great research for me to know further what my readers like to see.

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