The Nova Chronicles: Premise

Nova City -- A metropolitan utopia.

Under the leadership of new mayor and former Nova Police Chief Malcolm Conrad, this urban hub has experienced renewed growth and enjoyed a prosperous corporate sector. The streets are peaceful and the citizens are free to live out the American dream.

Out of the shadows of this Eden, a dangerous serpent threatens the innocent citizens of Nova City. A powerful syndicate named The Vanguard has begun to unite the organized crime factions across Nova into one united force which, when joined together, could control and influence all areas and activities of the city.

Enter Alexander Whitworth. A young, street-smart computer programmer who finds himself caught in the middle of a criminal raid, left for dead, and framed for a series of notorious crimes he did not commit.

After escaping with his life intact, Alex finds himself on top of the Nova Police Department's most wanted list. Unable to appear in public but unwilling to stand down, Alex adopts the secret persona of The Vindicator. Soon, reports from all over Nova City flood in about a masked vigilante striking back at the rising criminal element.

These are the records of his struggle to free his name and stop those who dealt him this fate.

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